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Ecole Supérieure d’Architecture (EAC)

Ecole Supérieure d’Architecture (EAC)


Ecole Supérieure d’Architecture de Casablanca (EAC) is the architectural institute established in Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco. Its training is based on architectural and urban projects located in the vicinity of the city.

EAC is a center of research for the architectural heritage of Casablanca including the Art-Déco and Modern periods. The university undertakes research on urbanization agents and processes in Casablanca, sustainable development and innovation in construction, and social housing. 

The school has a broad network of partnerships with universities and professional bodies. 

Casablanca, Morocco Casablanca, Morocco
Abderrafih  Lahbabi
Abderrafih Lahbabi

Abderrafih Lahbabi is the Director of Studies at the Ecole Supérieure d’Architecture (EAC), Casablanca, Morocco.


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Revised version of project completed
Revised version of project completed

The design of the Enkyo medical and social center was praised for its potential to become a benchmark with regard to energy efficiency, geothermal…