Sounding Board

Exploring novel ideas for sustainable construction

The Holcim Foundation Sounding Board enables built environment innovators to explore their ideas with industry-leading peers.

The new format event provides start-ups, academics, researchers, and architects with an agile platform to receive peer feedback on their novel ideas that challenge conventional building practices.


Ammar Mirjan, Co-Founder, Mesh
Digital rebar: An opportunity for material-efficient construction

Brandon Byers, Chair for Circular Engineering for Architecture, ETH Zurich
Why circular construction should move from recycling to reuse

Anton Savov, Chair for Digital Building Technologies, ETH Zurich
7DayHouse: Fabrication-aware generative design


  • Ammar Mirjan

    Co-founder, Mesh

  • Brandon Byers

    Chair of Circular Engineering for Architecture, ETH Zurich

  • Anton Savov

    Chair of Digital Building Technologies, ETH Zurich

Industry Experts

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