International Examples of Sustainable Construction


Secondary school with passive ventilation system

The secondary school in Gando village, Burkina Faso uses traditional building materials and technologies and places great emphasis on actively involving the local population in the construction process. Locally-sourced clay is mixed with aggregates and cement to cast walls on-site based on a two-piece formwork.

The school is exemplary in terms of its successful approach to the adaptive use of building materials, community development, climatic mitigation and aesthetics.

Project Timeline

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Innovation and abundant local materials bring life-changing progress
How to build with clay – and community
Global Gold prize winner Diébédo Francis Kéré celebrated in his home village
“An outstanding environment from a social perspective and also in constructive terms” – Global Holcim Awards Jury
School project in Burkina Faso using a hybrid building technique wins top prize
Old materials newly installed: How to modernize ancient architectural traditions
Holcim Awards 2011/12 winners from Germany: Exhibition and talks at AEDES Network Campus in Berlin
Larger clay elements cast in place instead of bricks used for wall construction
“Outstanding environment” – Gold for a school in Burkina Faso
Project Entry for Global Holcim Awards 2012
School in Burkina Faso wins Holcim Awards Gold for Africa Middle East
“A sense of identity and enhanced social cohesion” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2011 for Region Africa Middle East
Project Details
Gando, Burkina Faso
Holcim Awards
Gold 2012
Holcim Awards
Gold 2011
Africa Middle East
Francis Kéré: “How to build with clay – and community” – TED Talk, New York

Francis Kéré presented his inspiring work at a TED Talk in New York. He knew exactly what he wanted to do when he …

Kéré: "A project about architecture, people, and dealing with two different cultures"
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