Research in Practice Grants

Advancing sustainable design and construction for emerging professionals

Research in Practice Grants (RPG)


The Research in Practice Grant (RPG) initiative offered by the Holcim Foundation from 2018 until 2023 expanded upon the Next Generation category of the Holcim Awards competition for university students and young professionals.

RPGs offered financial backing and expert feedback to emerging professionals dedicated to pioneering research in sustainable design and construction. With a deliberate emphasis on addressing the practical challenges in architecture, urban planning, and building construction, the RPG program was distinctive for its focus on delivering sustained impact. The orientation towards practical applicability focused the research on generating tangible outcomes and direct positive benefits for local communities, ecologies, and economies.

The involvement of experts from the Holcim Foundation’s extensive network was pivotal. Their participation in project critiques ensured the quality and relevance of each research endeavor. The engagement with experts provided invaluable insights and guidance that not only refined the individual projects, but also supported the high standard of excellence across the RPG initiative.

Projects 2021-23

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