What We Do

Democratizing the latest thinking and best practice on sustainable design

The Holcim Foundation is a pioneer of the sustainable design and construction movement. It has served as a beacon of thought leadership for the building industry since 2003. With six international Awards cycles, over 100 events and 50 publications under our belt, we are more committed than ever to help accelerate systems change in the built environment.

  • Holcim Foundation events

    The Next Generation Awards Lab at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina gathered the Holcim Awards winners in the young professionals category from across the Americas to receive their trophies, present their prize-winning concepts, and forge a network for future exchange.

  • Holcim Awards competition

    Celebrating the winners of the Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction that showcase the cutting edge of approaches to sustainable design, green architecture, and materials innovation.

  • Project update June 2020 – Hydropuncture in Mexico

    Case studies in sustainable construction

    We follow the construction of La Quebradora Hydraulic Park is a publicly-accessible water retention and treatment complex that serves 28,000 inhabitants in urgent need of recreational spaces and water in Mexico City.

Transforming the construction sector is a huge task. And we are convinced that the best ideas and cutting-edge solutions are wasted if not understood, mainstreamed, and implemented to deliver real world impact. That’s why we work to identify, discuss and democratize the latest leading-edge thinking and best practice on sustainable construction from around the globe.

The Holcim Foundation has systematically brought together the types of knowledge that are relevant for the built environment. Alejandro Aravena


... publications featuring leading-edge thinkers and real-world examples of sustainable construction

Three main objectives to drive impact