“A ground-breaking approach to the reduction of slum formation” – Holcim Awards Jury

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    Project entry 2008 Latin America – Urban integration of an informal area, Medellín, Colombia

    Transformation of the space.

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    Holcim Awards ceremony for Latin America 2008 – Mexico City, Mexico

    Holcim Awards Gold 2008 Latin America: (l-r) Carlos Rodriguez, Cesar Hernandez, and Gustavo Restrepo.

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    Holcim Awards Gold 2008 Latin America: (l-r) Cesar Hernandez, Ricardo Legorreta, Carlos Rodriguez, Gustavo Restrepo, Jose Luis Cortes, Moises Perez, and Daniel Bermudez.

The unique strength of this project lies in its comprehensive and ground-breaking approach to the reduction of the worldwide problem of slum formation in the urban context through eradicating poverty, providing education and improving environmental sustainability. The already existing MetroCable connecting this huge squatter settlement with the formal city of Medellín was the catalyst of this project. The overall scope of the project includes the refurbishment and extension of the road network and the public utilities, the construction of numerous health, education, and sports facilities and also the implementation of social development programs.

Last updated: July 10, 2008 Mexico City, Mexico

The main development strategy aims to strengthen self-responsibility, community participation and inter-institutional coordination. The project benefits from generous financial and technical support by governmental authorities and various NGOs. Multidisciplinary in all its phases with involvement at all scales, this is a very strong and comprehensive project inducing urban transformation and bringing dignity to the residents. Although this project is the last phase of a larger endeavor with parts already completed the jury has commended it due to its exemplary broad scope and its strong contributions to the fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goals.