Development Alternatives world headquarters - Office building in India

Development Alternatives head office building in New Delhi is a showcase of traditional, environmentally efficient construction materials and systems that can be economically developed for low-energy mass production and adopted by the mainstream building industry, especially in developing countries.

In an interview within the book, internationally-renowned architect and designer of the building, Ashok Lall, explains that a focus upon sustainability generated an elegant solution to meet office building demands by using scientific knowledge and simple means.

The new office building tests innovative, specially designed elements and components such as a hybrid air-handling unit that incorporates evaporative cooling and refrigerant-based cooling in a new way to reduce energy consumption for air conditioning by 30%. Water consumption is also substantially reduced, recycled and used for irrigation or to recharge groundwater. The building combines forms, materials, and elements of traditional Indian architecture with modern technology to exemplify the way regional design and simple means can adequately and durably meet the needs of most buildings in contemporary cities.


Product Information
1st edition
78 pages
67 Illustrations (colored)
14.8 cm x 21.0 cm
Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-3-7266-0083-9

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