• A New “Old” Way to Build a School

    Adaptive use of local materials and traditional techniques in Burkina Faso

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  • Water Reservoirs as Public Park

    Breathing life into an urban community in Colombia using disused water tanks

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  • Growing New Approaches to Net-Zero Energy

    Reimagining a greenhouse in the USA as a locally-sourced low-energy building

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  • Building Skills Beyond Conflict

    Retraining Sri Lankan soldiers with construction know-how for post-military life

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  • Circular Flows of Construction Materials

    Reducing Belgium’s building material carbon footprint through recycling and efficient logistics

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From smart ideas to real-world practice

Through our Holcim Awards competitions, we have identified leading-edge examples of how the best ideas in sustainable design can be transformed into real-world examples of sustainable construction.

If you are looking for inspiration, or for examples of how our community addresses specific sustainable design and construction challenges, take time to browse our solutions section. We will regularly update these case studies, and the learnings shared by our Holcim Awards winners, to help you accelerate the usage of the best solutions for a sustainable built environment.

  • Cultural Interlude in Morocco

    We believed in the importance of giving hope to local youth that positive change can occur.

    Aziza Chaouni

  • Emerald Gateway in Massachusetts

    Sustainability and resilience in ecology depended on connecting state agencies together.

    Dan Adams

  • Co-designing broke down the hierarchy between the architect, client, and user.

    Lola Sheppard

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