• Wisdom in the vernacular

    Are traditional buildings models for low-impact architecture that must be emulated?

    Ecogradia podcast
  • The flooring innovators

    “Good design, from an environmental perspective, drives the right sustainable outcome.”

    Ecogradia podcast
  • Maria Atkinson

    “It is about changing the world of practice, identifying ecosystem players and having consistency of everyone achieving sustainable construction.”

    Ecogradia Podcast: The Sustainability Whisperer
  • Restoring the water cycle in the built environment

    Friso Klpawijk on a rainwater harvesting system with hydrological, thermal, and environmental benefits

    Sounding Board Rotterdam

Connection is key

When faced with tough challenges regarding the future of our planet and the humans who inhabit it, the scarcest resource is democratized knowledge.

We have made it our mission to accelerate the global movement for sustainable design and construction by putting knowledge in the hands of everyone. Whether it’s a question of transferring knowledge from one generation to the next, or from one neighborhood to another on the other side of the world, the Holcim Foundation has a long experience in bringing people together. We curate and organize events to enable both the blue-sky thinking and down-to-earth knowledge sharing that is critical to transform the way the construction sector designs and builds.

  • Next Generation Awards Lab - Lausanne 2022

    Being amongst peers that share the same passion for sustainable architecture and design feels really inspiring!

    Priscilla Namwanje

  • The keynotes, discussions and workshops of the Forum bring together an enormous variety of experience across every facet of sustainable construction.

    Harry Gugger

  • Sharing our experiences makes me feel that creating change really IS possible.

    Andi Subagio

Sounding Board

Enabling built environment innovators to explore their novel ideas with industry-leading peers

The Holcim Foundation Sounding Board is a new format that provides start-ups, academics, researchers, and architects with an agile platform to receive peer feedback on their novel ideas that challenge conventional building practices.

Sounding Board Zurich

Through in-person presentations and online feedback sessions with members of the Holcim Foundation’s global network, innovators are encouraged to share, amplify, and listen to feedback on fresh ideas that have the potential to transform the building sector at scale.

Two decades of connecting people

From international forums to intimate round tables and workshops, the Holcim Foundation provides regular opportunities for the most cutting-edge thinkers and practitioners to share their insights, ideas and best practices.