Our Vision

The construction sector has the power and responsibility to build a better world

The built environment shapes all our lives. It is also largely responsible for human-made alterations to our planet’s ecosystems. So, to allow all life on earth to be sustained, we must urgently transform the way we build.

Vision - Holcim Foundation

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As the window of opportunity to secure a “liveable future” narrows, actors across the entire global construction value chain have the power and responsibility to undertake sustainable transformation and ensure a future built environment in which both people and planet can thrive. At the Holcim Foundation, we exist to help drive this system change by putting leading-edge thinking and best practice solutions in the hands of everyone.

From Target Issues to Goals and Principles

In 2004, the Holcim Foundation and its partner universities identified five target issues that aimed to clarify the key principles of sustainability for the built environment. These target issues served as a road map for all of the Foundation’s activities and attracted international recognition as the defining principles for sustainable construction.

Klosters Forum 2022

The Holcim Foundation presented its refreshed goals and principles during a workshop at the 2022 Klosters Forum dedicated to the future of the built environment. Over 80 leading architects, designers, material experts, scientists, developers, environmentalists, and investors from around the world gathered in Switzerland to discuss how to design healthy, resilient, and sustainable environments for the growing global population.

After consultation with external stakeholder groups, we have refreshed these target issues, to create a framework that outlines a clear pathway towards a sustainable and regenerative built environment.

The change we want to see

Transforming the construction sector is a huge task. We are convinced that a number of interdependent goals and guiding principles for sustainable construction must be understood, mainstreamed, and implemented to succeed in building a better world.

Goals and Principles of the Holcim Foundation

Our goals for sustainable construction

To sustain our human-made habitat for current and future generations, all building and infrastructure projects must address four goals in the design and implementation phases. These goals are interdependent and must be pursued with equal conviction.

The principles that guide us

These four goals alone are not enough to drive industry transformation. That’s why we are committed to three guiding principles that cut across the goals and are each critical to achieving our vision for a sustainable built environment.



We believe in a systems approach which recognizes the interdependence of place, people, planet and economic goals, and considers these all equally.


We believe in the pursuit of the most breakthrough ideas and solutions to accelerate the sustainable transformation of the construction industry at speed and scale.


We believe that thought leadership and cutting-edge solutions must be put in the hands of the entire construction sector to drive real world impact.