Holcim Foundation Education Program

Differentiated learning and connecting opportunities for aspiring change accelerators

We have made it our mission to accelerate the global movement for sustainable design and construction by putting knowledge in the hands of everyone.

Whether it’s a question of transferring knowledge from one generation to the next, or from one neighborhood to another on the other side of the world, the Holcim Foundation has a long experience in bringing people together and curating enriching learning experiences. Our educational program aims to enable both the blue-sky thinking and practical knowledge sharing that is critical to transform the way the construction sector designs and builds.

Holcim Foundation Fellowships

Starting in 2024, the new Holcim Foundation Fellowship, spanning diverse regions, stands as a cornerstone initiative empowering the next generation of building practitioners to become impactful voices of change. Tailored for exceptional Masters and post-Masters level students dedicated to advancing sustainability in construction, the in-person intensive courses cultivate learning from in-design, in-construction and in-use projects while shining light on best practices that are both regionally specific and globally transferable.

Emerging ChangeMakers

The Emerging ChangeMakers Retreat, starting in 2025, will focus on understanding and making an impact at a personal, industry and systems level. The global community of Emerging ChangeMakers will look at aligning their individual and collective efforts through on-going projects, peer support and thought leadership. Select Fellows, carefully chosen for their commitment to positive impact, seamlessly integrate into the Holcim Foundation Emerging ChangeMakers Network - the next stage of their journey.

Next Generation Ambassadors

A cohort of emerging practitioners, the Holcim Foundation’s Next Generation Ambassadors Meriem Chabani (France), Namjoo Kim (South Korea), Twaha Kyomuhendo (Uganda), Andi Subagio (Indonesia), Vedhant Maharaj (South Africa) and Stefan Novakovic (Canada) are leading two projects under the thematic umbrella Clinic of Care. Supported by grants from the Holcim Foundation, the practitioners are leading two projects: a maternity ward expansion in the village of Nkweshoo (Tanzania), the restoration and adaptation of abandoned vernacular housing (Indonesia) into a rehearsal space and cultural venue for a traditional dance collective.

Research in Practice Grants


The Research in Practice Grant (RPG) program offered by the Foundation (2018-23) extended the Next Generation category of the Holcim Awards competition. The program offered financial support and feedback to emerging professionals engaged in pioneering research within the realm of sustainable design and construction. An explicit focus on addressing practical gaps and needs in the domains of architecture, urban planning, and building construction made the RPG a distinctive program with sustained impact.