Members of the Global Holcim Awards jury 2015 announced

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    Mohsen Mostafavi, Alexander & Victoria Wiley Professor of Design, Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD), USA.

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    Marc Angélil is Professor Emeritus of Architecture & Design, ETH Zurich; was member of the Board of the Holcim Foundation (2003/10, 2013/19); and was a member of all Holcim Awards juries in 2014/15.

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    Alejandro Aravena: “Sustainability is nothing but the rigorous use of common sense.”

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    Maria Atkinson AM is a sustainability business adviser who is recognized for her leadership and strategic vision in driving and delivering commercially-successful sustainable outcomes at both a project and organizational level in the property industry.

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    Meisa Batayneh Maani is Founder and Principal Architect at Maisam Architects & Engineers, based in Amman, Jordan and was a member of the Global Holcim Awards jury in 2015.

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    Yolanda Kakabadse during an interview following the Global Holcim Awards jury 2012 meeting in Zurich, Switzerland. 

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    Matthias Schuler is Professor of Environmental Technology at the Graduate School of Design (GSD), Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA; Founder of Transsolar Energietechnik, Stuttgart, Germany; and was a member of the Global Holcim Awards jury in 2015.

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    Rolf Soiron examines posters in the finalist’s gallery during the Global Holcim Awards 2012 jury meeting in Zurich, Switzerland.

The 2015 Global Jury for the USD 2 million Holcim Awards competition will feature independent experts of international stature: Mohsen Mostafavi, head (USA), Marc Angélil (Switzerland), Alejandro Aravena (Chile), Maria Atkinson (Australia), Meisa Batayneh Maani (Jordan), Yolanda Kakabadse (Ecuador), Matthias Schuler (Germany), and Rolf Soiron (Switzerland). The global winners will be selected from the top prize winners in each of five regions to be announced in late 2014.

Last updated: June 12, 2014 Zurich, Switzerland

The 4th International Holcim Awards competition will reach its climax with the announcement of global winners in May 2015. The jury for the Global Holcim Awards competition in 2015 features independent experts of international stature engaged in the sustainable development of society, building processes, construction materials, and building projects. The global winners will be selected from a pool of 15 projects that receive gold, silver or bronze prizes in the five regional competitions in late 2014.

Head of the Global Holcim Awards jury and Dean of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD), Mohsen Mostafavi (USA) explained that the jury process will use the “target issues” for sustainable construction to evaluate each of the finalist projects based on detailed submissions from each team.

“As our society has developed, the role of design has continually shifted - changing in scope, scale and technique. Visionary individuals and organizations are making strides in design disciplines to adapt theory, techniques and practices to actively secure long-term environmental, economic and social viability,” he said.

Members of the Global Holcim Awards jury for 2015 are:

Competition entries highlight worldwide importance of sustainable construction

The 4th cycle of the USD 2 million Holcim Awards competition attracted more than 6,000 projects and visions in sustainable construction to be realized in 152 countries. The diverse geographic spread of entries and growth in submissions from developing countries confirms the importance of a more sustainable built environment. The results of the regional phase of the competition will be announced at prize-handover events  taking place throughout the second half of 2014 (September 5 for Europe, September 19 for North America, October 3 for Latin America, October 17 for Africa Middle East and November 14 for Asia Pacific) and communicated via the Holcim Awards website (

In 2015, the winners of the regional Holcim Awards Gold, Silver and Bronze will compete with more detailed project submissions for the global prizes.

The Holcim Awards encourage architects, planners, engineers, project owners and students to share their projects and visions that go beyond conventional notions of sustainable construction. The competition is an initiative of the Swiss-based Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction. The Foundation promotes sustainable responses to the technological, environmental, socioeconomic and cultural issues affecting building and construction.