“Outstanding example for transparency in governmental architecture” – Holcim Awards Jury

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    Project entry 2011 Europe – City hall and civic center recycled from former factory, Oostkamp, Belgium

    Total change inside, creating a luminous landscape of clouds; a sheltered public space within a controlled weather environment, where simple modular clusters may be arranged.

Beside its sustainable construction, the project was considered remarkable by the jury in terms of its social sustainability due to a participatory planning process, including the 170 council employees. The joint accumulation of the program, its process and the resulting design for the open main hall is an outstanding example for transparency in governmental architecture.

Last updated: June 23, 2011 Zurich, Switzerland

All this is combined with simple but clever concepts for technical infrastructure that include spatial organization according to thermal zones to reduce energy consumption, and effective deployment of natural lighting via a solar chimney and patio system. The project is very convincing: maximum effect through the least possible degree of technical intervention and minimal financial investment.