“The potential to become a benchmark in the urban context of Brazil” – Holcim Awards Jury

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    Project entry 2008 Latin America – Energy-efficient medical and social center, São Paulo, Brazil

    Architectural renderings.

The Enkyo medical and social center located in the Asian Quarter of Liberdade close to downtown São Paulo will be thoroughly computer-simulated with regard to its surrounding urban context for observations of aerodynamics, thermal behavior and natural lightning. This is a pilot project for computer-simulation in Brazil. Based on sound analyses, all traced strategies were meant to be economical and simple rather than high-tech in order to keep life cycle costs low.

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As a result many passive measures were integrated into the design such as an optimal building orientation and shading elements on the façades without affecting high daylight penetration. Geothermal pre-cooling as an entirely new strategy for the subtropical region of Brazil was developed, bringing naturally available groundwater as cooling fluid to standard fan-coil units of conventional air conditioning systems. In addition 100% of the rainwater will be collected for non-potable use, also improving storm water management. The jury has commended this project because it has the potential to become a benchmark with regard to energy efficiency, geothermal pre-cooling and rainwater harvesting in the urban context of Brazil.