“An attractive landmark exploring ultimate construction technology” – Holcim Awards Jury

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    Project entry 2008 Latin America - "Low-energy university mediatheque, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil": Interior view.

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    Holcim Awards Silver 2008 Latin America: (l-r) Carlos Bühler, Otavio Leonido Riberio, Angelo Bucci and João Paulo Meirelles Faria.

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    Holcim Awards Silver 2008 Latin America (l-r): José Luis Cortés (Head, Regional Jury), Enrique Norten (Member, Holcim Foundation Advisory Board), Markus Akermann (Chairman, Holcim Foundation), Angelo Bucci (Silver Award main author), Carlos Bühler (CEO Holcim Brazil), and Clarissa Della Nina.

The PUC Rio Mediatheque serves different purposes: it is both the knowledge base of the adjacent university campus but also is open to the public and offers educational programs to the residents in the nearby informal settlement of Favela da Rocinha. The building itself is an attractive landmark demonstrating the high standard of Brazilian architecture and exploring ultimate construction technology. Its concept is driven by passive design elements such as appropriate orientation, heat insulation, shaded windows, natural ventilation and natural lighting which will contribute to a substantial reduction of the energy consumption despite the unusually high requirements regarding the interior climate for book and media preservation.

Last updated: July 10, 2008 Mexico City, Mexico

A further strength lies in the careful integration of the rather voluminous building into the sensitively landscaped surroundings. The project was commended as an excellent example of modern Brazilian architecture responding to the very different needs of academia and the public, and was created by a multidisciplinary team effort based on a sound strategy for passive thermal control.