“Substantial impact on the daily living conditions of poor families” – Holcim Awards Jury

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    Project entry 2008 Latin America - "Solar water heating and rainwater tower, Florianopolis, Brazil": The tower structure can be modular, adapting to different needs and local situations.

This project proposes an innovative and economical solution to a very common problem related to low income family housing. Due to the lack of public infrastructure, residents do not have ready access to drinking water, sewage systems and energy supply. The most serious shortcoming is potable and hot water, basic needs that are covered by the sustainable tower which provides rainwater harvesting system, potable water storage tank and solar water heating device in an integrated structure.

Last updated: July 10, 2008 Mexico City, Mexico

The tower itself is composed of prefabricated rings made of ferrocement. The modular system, adaptable to different needs and local situations can be incorporated in new houses as well as in existing ones and allows for energy efficiency and rational use of water. The smart combination of existing and proven technologies has a great potential for industrial production and realizing the associated economies of scale to reduce costs of production per unit. Overall this is an innovative concept with a substantial impact on the daily living conditions of poor families and with a great potential for transferability.