“A clear sign of respect between humanity and nature” – Holcim Awards Jury

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    Project entry 2008 Latin America – Mountain trail for land preservation and urban demarcation, Bogotá, Colombia

    Eco art and restoration.

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    Holcim Awards ceremony for Latin America 2008 – Mexico City, Mexico

    Jury members (l-r) Fernando Diez and Bruno Stagno present a Holcim Awards Acknowledgement 2008 Latin America prize to Diana Wiesner, Arquitectura y Paisaje, Bogotá, Colombia for “Mountain trail for land preservation and urban demarcation” in Bogota, Colombia.

The mountain trail will define the future border line between the city and the mountainous forest reserve surrounding Bogotá over a distance of 52km. The core strategy is to clearly mark and preserve the border line between the built space and the natural areas serving as an important recreational resort. 

Last updated: July 10, 2008 Mexico City, Mexico

Furthermore the new path for pedestrians, joggers and bicycles will connect high class condominiums, middle class homes, working class neighbourhoods, and squatter settlements –  and will thus contribute to an improved social mix and cohesion. The jury has commended this project because the Bogotá mountain trail is not simply an infrastructure project, but it is a clear sign of respect between humanity and nature. In this sense it will become a strong instrument to channel the further development of Bogotá and to improve its ecological quality. It is a simple and efficient solution to a common problem in rapidly growing cities.