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Holcim Awards 2021–22

A new operational contract for the building sector

  • Extending the Cycle in Switzerland

    Global Holcim Awards Gold 2021

    Extending the Cycle repurposes and extends a building and exemplifies how design processes can be turned upside-down in favor of circular construction in Winterthur, Switzerland.

  • Global Holcim Awards Gold and Holcim Awards Gold Europe

    Global Holcim Awards Gold 2021

    Barbara Buser (left), baubüro in situ, receives the Global Holcim Awards Gold trophy as a member of the winning team from Hashim Sarkis, Head of the Global Holcim Awards jury 2021.

  • Wetland Vitality in Colombia

    Global Holcim Awards Silver 2021

    Wetland Vitality is a landscape design for the recovery of a wetland creates environmental and social sustainability in Bogotá, Colombia.

  • Global Holcim Awards Silver and Holcim Awards Gold Latin America

    Global Holcim Awards Silver 2021

    Presentation (l-r): Harry Gugger, Holcim Foundation; winners Santiago Hurtado, Sebastián Mejia, and Edgar Mazo, Connatural; and Loreta Castro Reguera, Head of the Holcim Awards jury Latin America 2020.

  • Cultural Interlude in Morocco

    Global Holcim Awards Bronze 2021

    Cultural Interlude, a self-sustaining music school and ecotourism center to preserve tribal cultural heritage in M’hammid El Ghizlane, Morocco.

  • Global Holcim Awards Bronze and Holcim Awards Acknowledgement prize Middle East Africa

    Global Holcim Awards Bronze 2021

    Winner presentation (l-r): Stuart Smith, Holcim Foundation with winners Aziza Chaouni, Dana Salama and Thomas Duncan, Aziza Chaouni Projects, and Meisa Batayneh Maani, Holcim Foundation.

  • Global Holcim Awards Bronze 2021

    Propagated Sanctuary, an urban forest develops a self-sustained ecosystem and offers new environmental, social and economic opportunities to its inhabitants in Hanoi, Vietnam.

  • Propagated Sanctuary in Vietnam

    Global Holcim Awards Bronze 2021

    Winning team: “We are creating a forest, not a park” - Marek Betulaceae (3rd from left), ODDO architects, Vietnam.

  • Global Holcim Awards Commendation 2021

    Connective Threads, a participatory design upcycles textile waste to create refugee shelters while offering opportunities for the cultural expression of displaced people in the Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan.

  • Global Holcim Awards Commendation and Holcim Awards Acknowledgement prize Middle East Africa

    Global Holcim Awards Commendation 2021

    Presentation by Holcim Foundation Board members Marilyne Andersen (left), Stuart Smith (centre) and Meisa Batayneh Maani (right) to winners Melina Philippou and Azra Aksamija, Future Heritage Lab, MIT, USA.

In the 6th cycle of the world’s most significant competition for sustainable design, most of the global prizewinning projects came from the Asia Pacific and Middle East Africa regions; one top prize each also went to Colombia and Switzerland. The prizes were presented at a handover ceremony at the International Architecture Biennale in Venice, Italy.


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The mission of sustainability becomes more urgent day by day as a pledge that must be put into action.” Edward Schwarz Holcim Foundation, Switzerland

Global and Regional Holcim Awards 2021 Announcement

The presentation of all 33 Holcim Awards main category prizes that showcase the cutting edge of approaches to sustainable design, green architecture, and materials innovation.

The issue of sustainability is of paramount importance in construction. In view of climate change and diminishing resources, new approaches are needed along the entire value chain of the construction industry as the building sector moves toward net-zero emissions and circular material flows.

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