• Circular Design

    A systems approach to design out waste and extend material cycles

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  • Biomaterials

    Breaking free from depleting natural resources to meet material needs

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  • Economic & Social Empowerment

    Setting the groundwork to unlock labor and economic opportunities

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  • Embodied Carbon

    An enormous potential to reduce the carbon footprint of our built environment

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  • Ecosystem Resilience & Restoration

    Using the health of ecological systems as the basis for design

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  • Housing & Infrastructure Needs

    Enabling living conditions that are dignified and feed the human spirit

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  • Sustainable Construction

    How our framework for sustainability has evolved over time

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One idea can change the world

The concept of sustainability originated in ancient cultures, whose practices restricted the use of natural resources by human groups. But it took until the early 2000’s for a group of individuals in the construction sector to launch initiatives aimed at raising awareness of the principles of sustainability in the built environment. The Holcim Foundation has been a forerunner in spotlighting the evolving schools of thought and critical themes related to sustainable design and sustainable construction.

Ideas worth sharing

Ideas in depth: Resource efficiency and circularity

Ideas in depth: Ecosystem resilience and restoration

Ideas in depth: Social equity