Ambrish Arora, Studio Lotus: The reflective practitioner

Ecogradia Podcast – Series 3 Episode 6

The reflective practitioner

Ecogradia Podcast – Series 3 Episode 6

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    Ecogradia Podcast S3 E6

    The facade of Krushi Bhawan consists of a brick-louvred screen that acts as a solar shading device and expresses the local weaves in colourful patterns. Image © André J Fanthome, Studio Lotus.

Could a universal process account for all things sustainable — energy, materiality, comfort, etc. — in all typologies, from resorts to low-cost buildings? In this episode of the Ecogradia podcast, we ask: Would this work in a land as vast and complex as India?

Last updated: October 10, 2023 New Delhi, India

Ambrish Arora, founder and principal at Studio Lotus based in New Delhi, aims to achieve social, cultural and environmental sustainability in contemporary buildings by integrating traditional crafts, vernacular wisdom and local artisanal skill sets.

Studio Lotus is known for innovative designs, each with a strong affinity to place, an approach that is backed by cross-disciplinary skill sets that produce solutions for the various climates and conditions across India. As one of several partners who lead the firm, Ambrish views design leadership as a catalyst of wider change.

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