“A unique opportunity to spotlight a healthier, more sustainable tomorrow” – Belinda Tato

Holcim Awards jury meetings uncover the most exemplary projects in sustainable design

The Holcim Awards 2023 competition has moved into an exciting phase with all five regional jury meetings completed, and the due diligence process for nominated projects now under way.

Last updated: July 28, 2023 Zurich, Switzerland

Our panels of renowned international experts considered a total of 500 submissions that met the formal criteria of entry in the competition. The jury members who span the globe used a custom-made online evaluation tool to review submissions, backed up by Zoom meetings, to enable rich discussions and leverage the depth of experience of the jurors.

  • Holcim Awards 2023

    Holcim Awards 2023 jury meeting for Asia Pacific (l-r, in rows): Zoe Sibala, Priya Pawar and Rena Giesecke (Holcim Foundation), Daliana Suryawinata, Sara Ichioka, Maria Atkinson, Nilesh Jadhav, Wolfgang Kessling, Manit Rastogi (Jury Chair), Kongjian Yu, Gregers Reimann, and Maria Marques (Holcim Foundation).

  • Holcim Awards 2023

    Holcim Awards 2023 jury meeting for Europe (l-r, in rows): Sandra Boivin, Luisa Pastore and Priya Pawar (Holcim Foundation), Paul Carew, Thomas Auer, Marilyne Andersen, Belinda Tato (Jury Chair), Jenny Osuldsend, Anupama Kundoo, and Dimitris Spachos (Technical Support).

  • Holcim Awards 2023

    Holcim Awards 2023 jury meeting for Latin America (l-r, in rows): Carlos Cubillos, Priya Pawar (Holcim Foundation), Marta Moreira, Tatiana Bilbao (Chair), Stuart Smith, Jean-Pierre Crousse, Marco Maccarelli, Loreto Lyon, and Luisa Pastore (Holcim Foundation).

  • Holcim Awards 2023

    Holcim Awards 2023 jury meeting for Middle East Africa (l-r, in rows): Lesley Lokko (Jury Chair), Priya Pawar (Holcim Foundation), Tosin Oshinowo, Zen Teo (Minutes), Meisa Batayneh Maani, Maria Marques (Holcim Foundation), Emre Arolat, Christophe Levy, and Ali Malkawi. Aziza Chaouni (not pictured).

  • Holcim Awards 2023

    Holcim Awards 2023 jury meeting for North America (l-r, in rows): Luisa Pastore and Priya Pawar (Holcim Foundation), Ted Flato, Jay Saldana, Lola Sheppard, Julie Hiromoto, Kate Ascher, Craig Dykers (Jury Chair), and Forrest Meggers.

Read about the impressions from the chairs of the Holcim Awards juries below:

  • With a diverse panel of industry experts, the Holcim Awards jury for Asia Pacific engaged in impassioned deliberations, harnessing the power of collective wisdom to select visionary projects that exemplify sustainable architecture.

    Manit Rastogi | Founding Partner, Morphogenesis, India

  • It was truly inspiring to see the breadth of interventions happening across Europe that, while they were diverse in their programs and scale, all put sustainability at their forefronts, not only from a material standpoint, but also from social and economic perspectives.

    Belinda Tato | Founder, ecosistema urbano, Spain

  • The jury for Latin America had extensive and fascinating discussions due to the exceptional quality, complexity, and overall relevance of the projects from the region. Our task was challenging, given the large number of projects to assess, and the majority of them met the qualities we were seeking.

    Tatiana Bilbao | Founder & Principal, Tatiana Bilbao Estudio, Mexico

  • Two intense days of deliberations of the submissions for region Middle East Africa resulted in an expanded, more nuanced, and deeper understanding of the term ‘sustainable’, so necessary for the complex times we live in.

    Lesley Lokko | Founder & Director, African Futures Institute (AFI), Ghana and Curator, 18th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia

  • Informed by a spectrum of knowledge, the jury for North America evaluated economics, energy, materials, and habitat, finding the winning entries to be strong representatives of what can support sensitive transformation in the built world.

    Craig Dykers | Founding Partner, Snøhetta, USA

Winners from all regions will be invited to the prize announcement to be held at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2023. The Holcim Foundation will contact teams that are nominated for a prize, to complete a project verification process.