Global Awards 2021 Project Entry

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    Collective Harvest in Brazil

    The proposal reflected the desire to expand the benefits from the new factory, going beyond a simple increase in production to achieve deeper social change through the dissemination of knowledge related to civil construction.

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    Collective Harvest in Brazil

    The bricks will be composed of local soil, sand from the river and a small part of cement, just the right amount to stabilize the mixture.

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    Collective Harvest in Brazil

    Conceptually, the structure is idealized as a set of interlocking frames of different heights which gently rests in the exposed concrete foundations.

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    Collective Harvest in Brazil

    The success of this project goes beyond productive conditions, it expands to a holistic vision of society and reaches the preservation of one of the greatest world heritage sites, the Amazon Rainforest.

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    Collective Harvest in Brazil

    In general, the project not only uses local materials and labor, but also amplifies the voice of a community that for its livelihoods depends on an active and healthy forest.

As a Main category prize winner in the regional Holcim Awards 2020, Collective Harvest in Brazil automatically qualified as a finalist in the Global Holcim Awards 2021.

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Last updated: November 13, 2021 Laranjal do Jari, Brazil