Measures taken to reduce CO2 emissions

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    Sara Culture Centre as seen from the future train station. The site topography allows for the creation of a second ground level. The theatre stages are all located on this level for flexibility of operation and to support collaboration. Public foyers are visible from the street and rehearsal spaces have access to daylight. Décor workshops (far left) also open onto the streets to allow passers-by to see the work behind the scenes.

  • Timber structure minimizes emissions from material production and transport.
  • Timber structure stores carbon over its lifetime, calculations in detailed design stage indicate stored carbon (8,900 tonnes CO2e) exceeds emissions from production of the other materials (8,350 CO2e for concrete foundations, steel components, facades, fittings etc) by 550 tonnes CO2e.
  • Hybrid ventilation for large foyers, reducing size and energy consumption of technical installations.
  • Mobile sunscreens and efficient envelope, ensuring low energy use (Miljöbyggnad Gold).
  • Smart grid connection: energy use adapted to grid availability to avoid peaks.
  • District heating from 100% renewables.
  • 1,200 sqm solar panels on all roofs and top floor facades.
  • All materials classified as healthy (Swedish BVB).

Last updated: November 13, 2021 Skellefteå, Sweden