“A territorial project reinforcing literacy and defining community”

Regional Jury Report - Asia Pacific

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    Learning Center, Bandung, Indonesia

    Left: 1:1 foamcrete mock-up panels and detail. Right: moss ceiling impression and detail.

Last updated: July 01, 2017 Melbourne, Australia

Set within a park, this “micro” library aims to raise literacy by offering attractive spaces for reading. The proposal is part of a larger project to construct a network of libraries across the country. It will be the fourth completed by the group, each with a unique, site-specific design. This pavilion structure rests on four spirals of columns that define smaller enclosed spaces for storage, restrooms, and a prayer room. The rest of the covered space is completely open to the park. Ground and ceiling are covered with both natural and artificial greenery to extend the park into the building. Basic construction methods are easily achievable in the local context. By putting together simple components in a creative way, the project achieves complexity with minimal means.

The jury was impressed by the project’s vision of a network of libraries across Indonesia. Especially compelling is the specificity of each individual project. Every building responds to the needs of the local community and the urban context. Here, the project opens on all sides to the park around it, inviting the community to enter and explore. This is a fresh approach to the library – typically, a rarefied, closed environment. Unconventional materials – in this case, a moss ceiling and artificial grass floor – also make the project an exploration in unorthodox textures and construction techniques. By multiplying small, inviting reading spaces without replicating a single design gesture, the project constructs a territorial project reinforcing literacy and defining community.