Sixth Holcim Awards – Sustainable Construction 2020/2021

Commemorating the 6th Holcim Awards cycle 2020/2021, the book showcases the winning projects from 4,742 submitted entries selected using the Target Issues for sustainable construction as the evaluation tool under the headings of Progress, People, Planet, Prosperity, and Place. The independent expert juries at global and regional levels identified projects that propose innovation in sustainability from architecture, engineering, urban planning, materials science, construction technology, and related fields.

Through a series of richly illustrated articles and interviews, the main laureates’ work and philosophy is discussed in detail, providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the genesis of the Award-winning ideas.

The Holcim Awards are internationally recognized as a respected credential for architects, engineers and planners wishing to contribute original ideas to the field of sustainable design. Almost half of all prizes were presented to university students and young professionals in the competition’s Next Generation category. 6th Holcim Awards is written for novices and specialists alike – and offers an up-to-date overview of the increasingly interdisciplinary approach to circular construction.

As well as providing examples and technical ideas for building professionals, the book highlights the intergenerational and multi-ethnic collaboration that went into creating the winning projects across the world. The articles and interviews, through voicing the ideals and motivations underlying the final propositions, also reveal the laureates’ wish to combine changing building paradigms with finding exciting new opportunities for environmental and social regeneration.


Product details

6th Holcim Awards for projects and visions in sustainable construction
270 pages | 235 x 300mm | Paperback | 1,500g |English
Publisher: Holcim Sustainable Construction Press, Switzerland ©2021
ISBN: 978-3-9524971-3-5

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