Showcasing sustainable construction: Collector’s box

The Foundation publishes booklets on exemplary sustainable construction projects that illustrate architectural excellence and enhanced quality of life beyond technical solutions. The box set contains:

Office building in Costa Rica on the head office building of Holcim Costa Rica that reduces energy through natural lighting and ventilation, achieving this at a relatively modest cost, while presenting a striking and attractive appearance and stimulating work environment.

Community center in South Africa on the Tsoga Environmental Center in Cape Town that applied a formal methodology for sustainable construction to achieve far more than just a new building. The design team employed local people, taught them trade skills, showed them a way to build using environmentally responsible materials, giving the neighborhood hope and dignity.

Clothing factory in Sri Lanka on MAS Intimates Thurulie which created a building that respects the balance between environmental, social, and economic performance whilst also providing a functionally, culturally, and aesthetically appropriate response to its unique setting.

Administration center in Switzerland on the IUCN Conservation Centre in Gland which is LEED Platinum and Minergie-P Eco certified, provides innovative solutions to environmental, economic and social performance. It reports on technical development and measured performance two years following inauguration of the building.

Community-inspired housing in Canada on Benny Farm and Rosemont, two progressive and influential projects by Montreal-based architects l’OUEF. The approach to changing the way communities are designed and built tracks progress on the redevelopment of Benny Farm, the first ever Global Holcim Awards Bronze winner from 2006, a follow-up project at Rosemont, and plans for the forthcoming Bois Ellen Cooperative Residence.

Product information

Measuring up to the criteria of sustainable construction: Office building in Costa Rica
60 pages, 2006, ISBN: 978-3-7266-0075-4

Tsoga Environmental Center: Community center in South Africa
78 pages, 2007, ISBN: 978-3-7266-0082-2

MAS Intimates Thurulie: Clothing factory in Sri Lanka
88 pages, 2009, ISBN: 978-3-7266-0086-0

IUCN Conservation Centre in Gland: Administration center in Switzerland
102 pages, 2012, ISBN: 978-3-7266-0095-2

Benny Farm and Rosemont: Community-inspired housing in Canada
128 pages, 2014. ISBN: 978-3-7266-0098-3

Boxed set size: A5 (149x210 mm, 1058g)


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