Tsoga Environmental Center - Community center in South Africa

Tsoga Environmental Center is a community-service and recycling facility situated in a poverty-stricken informal settlement of Cape Town where the need for a normal community center pales in comparison to widespread socioeconomic despair. The design team in Cape Town applied a formal methodology for sustainable construction to achieve far more than just the creation of a new building.

They shaped the project to employ local people, teach them trade skills, show them a way to build using environmentally responsible materials, establish local sources of affordable building materials, stimulate the local economy, and give the neighborhood hope and dignity – improving quality of life in surprising ways.

In 2005 the center won the Holcim Awards Bronze for Africa Middle East and quickly became a standard stop on Cape Town tour itineraries of many universities and international cultural organizations. In 2007 the building received a CIA Award for Architecture from the Cape Institute for Architecture, South Africa.


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