Holcim Awards Webinar Series

20 Winners – 10 Live Webinars

Elevating Sustainable Construction through Innovation

Embark on a journey into the realm of sustainable construction with the Holcim Foundation’s 2024 Webinar Series. This series not only celebrates the extraordinary accomplishments of the 20 Holcim Awards 2023 winners, but also provides an opportunity each month to explore the innovative practices shaping a sustainable future in architecture and construction.

Central to this series is a dedication to fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences. Each 60-minute webinar will feature in-depth discussions with two Awards winners, delving into the challenges and solutions encountered in their design approaches. Participants and viewers alike will gain invaluable insights into the practicalities, complexities, and triumphs of implementing sustainable design principles within diverse social, environmental, and economic contexts.

Through this engaging webinar series, facilitated by Dr Nirmal Kishnani, the Foundation takes a new step towards creating a global dialog that promotes a world built for the benefit of all.

Schedule for 2024

Discover the Holcim Awards Webinar Series schedule: