Sounding Board Berlin

Exploring novel ideas for sustainable construction


Presentations and discussions will be held in English

  • Claire du Plessis, Architect, Start Somewhere
    Starting from the block: Sustainable construction for vulnerable communities
  • Max Rudolph, Co-Founder, Form Follows You
    Iterative urban planning - A new data platform to accelerate and inform development processes
  • Dominik Campanella, Co-Founder and CEO, Concular
    Digital circular construction - How digital tools can enable the circular future 
  • Alexander Happ, Managing Director and Founder, Assiduus³
    Real estate³ – How to strike a balance of environmental, social, and governance goals


  • Claire du Plessis

    Architect, Start Somewhere

  • Max Rudolph

    Co-Founder, Form Follows You

  • Dominik Campanella

    Co-Founder and CEO, Concular

  • Alexander Happ

    Managing Director and Founder, Assiduus³

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