Nina Maritz

Principal & Founder, Nina Maritz Architects, Namibia

Tatiana Bilbao

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    Holcim Forum 2004

    Nina Maritz, Principal and founder of Nina Maritz Architect, and a member of Namibia Institute of Architects and South African Council of Architects.

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    Ecogradia Podcast S3 E7

    The Shipwreck Lodge is designed as a series of cabins, situated on a coastal site that is known for its harsh climate. Image © Nina Maritz Architects.

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    Holcim Awards Acknowledgement prize 2008 Africa Middle East winners: (l-r) Rachid Benmokthar Benabdellah and Nina Maritz congratulating Steve Kinsler.

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    Holcim Awards 2008 jury for Africa Middle East

    The Holcim Awards jury for region Africa Middle East chaired by Joe Addo met in Johannesburg, South Africa in June 2008 to select projects using the “target issues” for sustainable construction. The juries of the Holcim Awards competition include independent experts of international stature engaged in the sustainable development of society, building processes, construction materials, and building projects. (l-r): Joe Osae-Addo, Amer Moustafa, Holger Wallbaum, Hans-Rudolf Schalcher, Nina Maritz, Dominique Drouet, Rachid Benmokhtar Benabdellah, Daniel K Irurah, Eyal Weizman.

Nina Maritz, is principal and founder of Nina Maritz Architects, and a member of Namibia Institute of Architects and South African Council of Architects.

Last updated: October 27, 2023

Her practice incorporates a full spectrum of private, government, and corporate work with a strong focus on environmental sustainability and community projects.

Her project, The Habitat Research and Development Centre, located in Katutura, a former black township on the outskirts of the capital city of Windhoek, offers services focusing on the housing needs of the Namibian community. The design optimizes the use of daylight and solar access, uses earth berm, conserves water, thermal mass, evaporative cooling, and uses appropriate building materials.

She studied architecture at the University of Cape Town (1985-91). She is a regular contributor to NIA Digest of Namibian Architecture.

Nina Maritz is the author of numerous papers on energy efficiency and sustainable building within developing countries; she has co-founded GREENSPACE, an NGO concerned with the conservation of urban environments, and SENS (Sustainable Energy Namibia Society), a network of alternative energy enthusiasts striving to increase the use and support of sustainable energy throughout the government and the public.

She was a member of the Holcim Awards jury for Africa Middle East in 2008.