Nina Maritz, Nina Maritz Architects: The frugality champion

Ecogradia Podcast – Series 3 Episode 7

The frugality champion

Ecogradia Podcast – Series 3 Episode 7

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    Ecogradia Podcast S3 E7

    The Shipwreck Lodge is designed as a series of cabins, situated on a coastal site that is known for its harsh climate. Image © Nina Maritz Architects.

Can necessity unlock greater innovation? How to create an architecture of delight and renown when the climate is harsh, resources are scarce and budgets tight? Can less ever become something more?

Last updated: October 24, 2023 Windhoek, Namibia

In this episode of Ecogradia, Nirmal Kishnani speaks with Nina Maritz, a maverick architect from Namibia who succeeds in creating efficient and appealing buildings despite tight budgets, difficult-to-reach sites and harsh climates. “Less is more” is her approach to an architecture that, despite these challenges, enhances the human condition without damaging the environment.

She founded her eponymous firm 25 years ago which now has an oeuvre that defies categorisation. Her buildings are sometimes rational vernacular — sensible, rooted in climate and site, striving for passive comfort. Sometimes they are outright idiosyncratic — organic, poetic and deeply personal.

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