Tomás Pont Apóstolo

Architect and Holcim Foundation Research in Practice Grant (RPG) recipient 2018

Tomás Pont Apóstolo

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    6th LafargeHolcim Forum for Sustainable Construction – Cairo, April 2019.

    Tomás Esteban Pont Apóstolo is an architect based in Córdoba, Argentina and a recipient of a Holcim Research in Practice Grant (RPG) at the 6th Holcim Forum held at AUC, Egypt.

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    Global LafargeHolcim Awards Ideas prize handover – “Territorial Roof” in Argentina

    Presenting the Global Holcim Awards Ideas prize (l-r): Mariela Marchisio, Universidad National de Córdoba; Angelo Bucci, University of São Paulo, Ideas prize winners Juan Cruz Serafini and Tomás Pont; and Carlos Espina, Holcim Argentina.

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    F19_RPG reviews_Serafini_Romagnoli_Pont_8509.jpg

    Recipients of a LafargeHolcim Research in Practice Grant (RPG) from Argentina (l-r): Juan Cruz Serafini, Stefano Romagnoli and Tomás Pont at a meeting of all RPG recipients held to coincide with the LafargeHolcim Forum held in Cairo, Egypt in April 2019.

Tomás Pont Apóstolo is an architect, designer and researcher. He is founder and Director of P&A studio, and was recipient of a Holcim Foundation Research in Practice Grant (RPG) in 2018.

Last updated: July 13, 2023

Tomás Pont Apóstolo is an architect who aims to transmit new ideas and contribute to collective thinking. He is founder and Director of P&A studio, a design firm based in Argentina, with focus on Sustainable & Luxury Hospitality Projects around the world. With a constantly growing tourism industry and nomadic life in sensitive environments, they focus on finding a subtle balance between experience, environmental + social context and economy. His works emphasize the interpretation of the universe and the planet earth as a living system, connected in the multiplicity of time-space scales.

He is involved in projects of different scale ranges, including boutique hotels, small - communities, and low-impact (slow) cities. He also participates in innovation projects on a regional-global scale that seek to tackle global issues through new paradigm shifts.

He studied architecture at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC), Argentina. Also, he has received several research grants and won numerous national and international competitions.

He was a recipient of Holcim Awards Next Generation 1st prize for Latin America with Juan Cruz Serafini and Stefano Romagnoli for Territorial Figure in Argentina: Tidal energy landscape, which was an extension of their final thesis work Ocean Energy Landscapes: Evolutionary Process of Infrastructures in new territories – The Patagonia Case. The project which studies the new role of architecture and its contribution to addressing climate change also received a Global Holcim Awards Ideas Prize in 2018 and received a Holcim Foundation Research in Practice Grant in 2018.

The thesis work has been published and exhibited in various formats, and awarded the Aroztegui Prize, finalist (2017 Latin America); National Sustainable Architecture & Urban Design Prize of National Federation of Architects, finalist (2017 Argentina); Tamayouz International Excellence Award, 2nd prize (2017 International); Group Han Prize of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), 1st prize (2017 International); CLA TIL 2018, finalist (2018 Latin America); Landscape & City, International Architecture Biennale of Argentina, finalist (2018 Argentina); Latin America Biennale of Landscape Architects, honorable mention (2018 Latin America).