Holcim Awards 2023

The deadline for project authors to edit, finalize and submit their registered entries is April 6, 2023 at 14:00hrs UTC

On a mission to accelerate the global movement for sustainable construction

Founded in 2003, the Holcim Foundation was one of the first organizations to define and promote the key principles of sustainability for the built environment. Today, we are more committed than ever to ensuring that leading-edge thinking and best practice solutions are placed in the hands of everyone.

About the Holcim Foundation

Watch a 2-minute video about the Holcim Foundation - a non-profit organization, dedicated to accelerating the global movement for sustainable architecture, design and construction.

Learn more about Who we are and how we are organized to achieve our Our Vision for a future built environment in which both people and planet can thrive.

How we support systems change

The Holcim Foundation aims to identify, discuss, and democratize the latest leading-edge thinking and best practice in sustainable construction from around the globe. We focus on three main objectives as an organization to achieve this mission:


Holcim Awards 2023 Launch - Calling All Future Makers

Holcim Awards – Close of Competition: April 6 (14:00hrs UTC)

The Holcim Awards is the world’s most significant competition for sustainable design. The competition showcases the potential for sustainable design and sustainable construction approaches to transform the building sector.

The Holcim Foundation has a long experience in enabling knowledge transfer: we bring emerging and experienced pioneers in sustainable construction together and create the right conditions to inspire them to continue transforming the way the construction sector designs and builds.

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