Aziza Chaouni

Principal, Aziza Chaouni Projects

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    Cultural Interlude in Morocco

    Aziza Chaouni, Architect, Aziza Chaouni Projects, Morocco/Canada.

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    Aziza Chaouni is Principal of Aziza Chaouni Projects and winner of the Global Holcim Awards Gold 2009: “When a project isn’t focused on the needs of the people, then what?”

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    6th LafargeHolcim Forum for Sustainable Construction – Cairo, April 2019.

    Aziza Chaouni, Principal of Aziza Chaouni Projects and winner of the Global Holcim Awards Gold 2009 at the 6th LafargeHolcim Forum held at AUC, Egypt.

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    TED Fellow Aziza Chaouni presented a talk on March 17, 2014 at the 30th Anniversary TED Conference in Vancouver. She spoke about her work to uncover the once-polluted Fez River that runs through her hometown of Medina, the walled inner-city in the capital of Fez, Morocco. The project addressed the ecology of the river as well as social and economic concerns of the city. Photo: Ryan Lash/TED.

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    Takako Tajima (left) and Aziza Chaouni are Principals of Bureau EAST. Bureau EAST’s Fez river rehabilitation project won the 2008 Holcim Gold Award in Sustainable Construction and the 2009 EDRA best places award.

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    Holcim Awards 2008 Africa Middle East – Marrakech, Morocco

    Winning team members Holcim Awards Gold 2008 (l-r): John Ferri, Takako Tajima, Aziza Chaouni, Dan Brunn

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    The concluding planel experts of the Holcim Forum (from left): Enrique Norten, Takako Tajima, Aziza Chaouni, Rolf Soiron, Yolanda Kakabadse, Arab Hoballah, and Ashok B Lall.

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    Global Holcim Awards Gold 2009 prize handover

    Congratulating the winners of the Global Holcim Awards Gold prize 2009 (l-r): Haruko Hirose, Special and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Japan to Rabat; prize-winner Aziza Chaouni, architect and co-founder, Bureau EAST, Morocco/Canada/USA; Mohammed Gharrabi, Wali of Fez-Bouleman, Morocco; and prize-winner Takako Tajima, urban planner and co-founder, Bureau EAST, Morocco/Canada/USA.

Aziza Chaouni is Principal of Aziza Chaouni Projects with offices in Toronto, Canada and Fez, Morocco.

Last updated: January 01, 2015 Toronto, Canada

Aziza Chaouni is Principal of Aziza Chaouni Projects with offices in Toronto, Canada and Fez, Morocco.

She is Assistant Professor of Architecture at the John H Daniels School of Architecture, Landscape & Design at the University of Toronto, Canada, where she leads the Designing Ecological Tourism research platform.

Aziza Chaouni Projects works on projects that range in scale from furniture design to city planning in Toronto (Canada), New York (USA), Yarmouk and Ajloun (Jordan), and Fez, Meknes, Casablanca, Berkane and M’hamid (Morocco).

She was co-founder of Bureau EAST (Bureau of Ecological Architecture and Systems of Tomorrow) with Takako Tajima. Bureau EAST’s River remediation and urban development scheme in Fez, Morocco won the Global Holcim Award Gold 2009 where the jury applauded the scheme for creating a chain of recovery projects to enable future sub-projects to be added; and for addressing the economic and social life of the city together with the ecology of the river. The project also won the Holcim Awards Gold 2008 for Africa Middle East; the Environmental Design Research Association’s “Great Places Awards” recognition for planning; American Society of Landscape Architects Design Award; and the International Awards Eme3 Cities.

Aziza Chaouni studied architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) and civil engineering at Columbia University.

Her work has received numerous awards including: the Progressive Architecture Award Citation 2012; the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) Collaborative Award 2012; the Architectural League of New York Young Architects Award; the Urbaninform award; and the Progressive Architecture award in 2007.