Vedhant Maharaj

Founding Director, Rebel Base Collective, South Africa

Vedhant Maharaj

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    Vedhant Maharaj, South Africa

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    Co-design and Collaboration in Tanzania

    Next Generation Ambassadors (l-r): Vedhant Maharaj (South Africa), Twaha Kyomuhendo (Uganda), Meriem Chabani (France) and Stefan Novakovic (Canada) at the codesign workshop in Tanzania.

Vedhant Maharaj is Founding Director of Rebel Base Collective based in Johannesburg, South Africa and a Next Generation Ambassador of the Holcim Foundation.

Last updated: June 21, 2024 Johannesburg, South Africa

He won a Holcim Foundation Awards 2017 Next Generation prize for Sacred and Profane in India. The research project, located on the edge of the Ganga River in Varanasi imagined a new typology of water purification infrastructure that transcends mere utility. He was a Student Poster Competition winner at the 5th Holcim Forum 2016 on “Infrastructure Space” and attended the 6th Holcim Forum 2019 on “Re-materializing Construction”.

Water treatment infrastructure, Varanasi, India

Top: Perspective south under high flood conditions. Charcoal gabian walls are submerged. Layered breeze blocks create a ventilated boundary for the female bathhouses on the right of the image. Bottom: East-west section. Scientific research and treatment facilities are located underground. A pilgrim path acts as a direct link to the main floating charcoal wetland pool. The central water gallery cascades along the ground plane. Tall stone turrets ventilate underground facilities.

Rebel Base Collective is an interdisciplinary, collaborative design and making collective. The practice is strongly rooted in architecture and spatial innovation across all scales and conceptual understandings. The firm’s work includes animation, graphic design, furniture making, manufacturing and research.

Vedhant Maharaj was a Junior Lecturer at the University of Johannesburg (2017-20) and holds a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Architecture (honors) from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), South Africa.