Call for exemplary construction projects, visionary design concepts

International Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction open for entries

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    Mitchell Joachim, Regional Holcim Awards winning architect, designer and researcher (USA) on the benefits of taking part in design competitions.

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    “The LafargeHolcim Awards highlights each project’s contribution to solve a collective need and thus transform it into a collective desire.” - Alejandro Aravena, Partner Architect, Elemental, Chile

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    “The LafargeHolcim Awards gives the project authors credibility and publicity; people begin to believe in them and that really helps them build career momentum.” - Brinda Somaya, Principal Architect, Somaya & Kalappa Consultants, India

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    “The LafargeHolcim Awards offers the chance to ask the right questions about tomorrow’s construction – and to share the answers with a global audience.” - Marilyne Andersen, Professor of Sustainable Construction Technologies, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL Lausanne)

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    Loreta Castro Reguera, Global LafargeHolcim Awards winning architect and urban designer (Mexico) – “Winning the LafargeHolcim Awards was an important motivation for our practice.”

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    Milinda Pathiraja, Global LafargeHolcim Awards winning architect (Sri Lanka) on the benefits of taking part in design competitions: “Winning the LafargeHolcim Awards boosted our confidence as a young practice.”

The Holcim Awards seeks leading projects of professionals as well as bold ideas from the Next Generation that combine sustainable construction solutions with architectural excellence. The 6th cycle of the international competition is open for entries until February 25, 2020. The Awards offers a total of USD 2 million in prize money and foregrounds projects and concepts from architecture, engineering, urban planning, materials and construction technology, and related fields.

Last updated: June 04, 2019 Zurich, Switzerland

Submissions in the Holcim Awards main category include sustainable construction projects at an advanced stage of design, with a high probability of realization. Construction/fabrication must not have started before January 1, 2019. The Awards Next Generation category seeks visionary design concepts and bold ideas at a preliminary stage of design, including design studio and research work. To participate in this category, authors may not be older than 30 years. Students and young professionals are welcome to enter the Awards main category with projects that have reached an advanced stage of design.

Independent expert juries in five geographic regions of the world evaluate submissions using the comprehensive “target issues” for sustainable construction of the Holcim Foundation. The criteria cover innovation and transferability; ethical standards and social inclusion; resource and environmental performance; economic viability and compatibility; and contextual and aesthetic impact. The competition promotes circular thinking and the reduction of CO2 emissions across all disciplines. It identifies the ideas with the highest potential to tackle today’s challenges to increasing urbanization and to improve quality of life.

Submitting entries in the competition is free and must be made in English using a web-based form to provide information on authorship, a project summary, technical details, as well as project images and/or illustrations. A “Step-by-step” guide explains the process in detail and shows how to prepare an entry.